All the donation to UPAY are tax exempted under section 80 G

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All the Donation to UPAY are Tax Exempted under Section 80G

Need for funds: The Main Aim of Fundraising is to develop a Sustainable Education center. The idea of this campaign is to brighten up the future of these children so that they can rise from streets to successes. For attaining well-being in the 21st century, Education is the most fundamental precondition. I want to give these children the required education so that they can remove the darkness from their lives by themselves. This whole exercise by me is an endeavor to give a greater contribution to the triumph of UPAY. I would always like to see UPAY achieving greater and glorious heights of success.

Plan of action: Any campaign requires good and dedicated volunteers along with sufficient and necessary funding. To make a Center to Sustainable center will work as a place where children will come to study different subjects along with engaging in learning activities. Volunteers give their best to work as teachers but to maintain a regular and daily routine a paid teacher is a must. Daily classes will be conducted in which vital things like stationery, books, mat, sheds, and materials will be required which is a part of center operations.

Expected impact: The success of any campaign lies in its desire to make a remarkable impact on people's lives. The sight of this campaign exists in its view of seeing the children becoming aware and responsible citizens of our country. The education given to all the lovely children at the model center will try to ensure this at maximum level. A happy childhood is key to successful adulthood. The purpose of this campaign floats around making the lives of these children full of enjoyment, excitement, exuberance, and ebullience.

In Gurgaon, we currently have 4 learning Center in different locations. They are Little Faces, Brilliant Students, Sporty Kids. By regularly conducting events like Bal-sabhas, Sports day, Art and craft Activities the model center will never become a boring place for children. The model center will perform all its duties to level best to fulfill its obligations of care, security, and guardianship of all the children. The efforts by my side will not be limited to making these children literate but to advance their horizons of mind so that they can understand the significance of truthfulness, prestige and moral values in human life. The nobility of character and possession of knowledge will give them the power to fight the clutches of poverty. In all its capabilities this campaign will only work towards achieving its goal of transforming these charming children into wonderful human beings.

How will the funds be utilized?

The funds raised will be utilized to develop a Center infrastructure, provide stationeries for the children, hiring full-time staff for conducting classes, providing nutritious regularly.

Teacher Honorarium = 5000 per month (60,000/-)

Center Operations (Stationery & Books) = 3000 per month (36,000/-)

Administrative Expenses (Rent) = 2000 per month (24,000/-)

Scholarship to 5 Best Students Every month = (5*500= 2500) per month (30,000/-)

Bal-Sabha, Art & Craft Activities Material = 1500 per month (18000/-)

Nutritional Needs for Kids‎ = 1000 per month (12000/-)

Centers Development (Chairs, Light, Charts, Innovative Games) = 20000/-


"If you have the power to make someone Happy, Do it. The Underprivileged Kids need more of that."


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