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All the donation to UPAY are tax exempted under section 80 G

Hunger may kill them before Covid-19!: Help Preetika save those, who we can.

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The ongoing pandemic has been disturbing everyone's life either physically, mentally or emotionally. We can only pray for those who are already infected and their families. To break this chain and to contain this virus, our government has already imposed lock-down across the country. Amid lock-down, we all have stocked up on essentials like food, sanitation, first aid, etc. according to our buying capacity. some have done it for two months, some has done for a month, some for a few weeks.

But, think about those people who earn maybe less than enough per day to feed themselves and their families. There are millions of such people across the nation, who have absolutely no savings at all to afford two meals a day without working. Though, our government has plans to help these people, which we should appreciate. But, there are always ground challenges, which creates a gap in the hierarchical system plans and the execution. for example, many of such families are migrants from other states, so they don't have a ration card of their current state of residence to procure food. Many of these families don't have BPL cards etc. so, we aim to help only those families, who are not getting help from anywhere and starving!

All the donations to UPAY are tax exempted under section 80 G.

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