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For better or for worse, our planet has no government. Each country is free to decide how much effort to put into eliminating poverty and eliminating gender inequality. Causes of poverty can differ from country to country, but empowering women and girls is one cause that transcends borders, impacting all nations.

With the establishment of a learning center over 7 cities of India, team UPAY entered the community with a vision to empower the mothers of our students who carry the responsibility to shape up the lives not only for their kids but for the generations to come. Every woman in the slum or village desperately look for some wage-based job opportunity but lack even basic communication skills needed for the industry to work in.

We had a perception that intervention with such a target audience may bring in lots of hurdles and non-cooperation. Every week our team would measure the pros and cons and After all the brain-storming we settled for the establishment of an integrated development center that would hone the skills they need to become self-sufficient and upkeep them. For the first batch, a sewing class was planned and we reached out to them with our basic plan.

Skill Development center is the unique involvement of community members who run the center, mentor and ensure daily operations. The discipline among the beneficiaries in marking attendance, informing leaves, punctuality is the attributes that would take them to the heights of success. The biggest motivation is not only in seeing them actively participate but their eagerness for subsequent batches for computer literacy and other such skill-based training.

With this success, we wish to scale up the opportunities and empower many such women in the need of a miracle-creating opportunity.

How funds will be utilized?

Community Development:- Basic and advanced skill development workshops will be organized for the identified community to make them self sustainable in the long run.

Diversification and Service:- Expand the product portfolio beyond current potential and ensure timely and quality service of the received orders.

Marketing:- For the expansion of our initiative so that maximum people are benefited out of the projects in turn benefiting the community.

We need your support to fuel our passion. We aim to extend our reach and help more people, as well as come up with more innovative solutions to the plethora of issues surrounding us and make a social, environmental and economic impact.

Join our initiative today, help us create a sustainable world.


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