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The street children in Nagpur need your support!

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We see these kids at traffic signals begging for alms, knocking at our cab windows asking for food, or trying to sell something, but we seldom stop to talk to them or wonder how they sustain themselves. A night drive through any street of your city will answer the questions of where and how they live, but what they generally eat is something of a mystery, that we, who sit inside our AC cabs and stare intently at our phone screens when they come begging, might not know and unfortunately, may not even care.

Do we have to wait for this generation to grow up before we stop tolerating the current levels of inequality and poverty? No one is asking Indians to look through a looking-glass. 

I've been associated with UPAY for the past four years now, and it is heart-wrenching to see the little ones selling pens and other stuff at the traffic signals, surprisingly because they won't ever use them to educate themselves. 

UPAY- Underprivileged’s Advancement by Youth- which translates in Hindi as – A solution believes that Education is the only means to uplift the Nation.  With the objective to remove disparities in the field of education, we’ve come up with an initiative of transforming streets into schools with the help of a volunteer-based offering. The mission is to join hands with the immensely rich and already literate human capital of India to eradicate illiteracy from the rest of the country and break the seemingly unbreakable deadlock through a tailor-made curriculum as per the child’s need. 

Our strong team of more than 300 Volunteers believes that if a child cannot reach to school, let the school reach the child and with this spirit, we’ve impacted more than 8000 underprivileged children from the streets and slums in the last 10 years and presently enroll about 1800 children in 38 learning centers in various cities of India like- Mouda, Nagpur, Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida and Bengaluru.

The amount raised through this campaign would be utilized to transform the Footpathshaala centers and equip them better so as to provide happy classrooms and facilities to cater to more such kids. It will help us ensure a daily after class meal for the students for daily dose of nutrition, the annual supply of books and learning aids, puzzles and games. For adolescent girls, we're going to supply a year's stock of sanitary napkins as well as facilitate awareness and counseling sessions on maintaining hygiene and reproductive health.

The donations made to this campaign will change multiple lives for many generations to come! Donate generously to help us bring our little brothers and sisters in mainstream India!


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