Whatever comes easy does not last and whatever lasts does not come easy”.

The story of Upay’s Delhi Zone aptly describes this. The Delhi zone presently includes three centers, one at Karol Bagh, the other at Noida Sector 17 and the latest one in Tilak Nagar. The Karol Bagh center was established in September 2017. The journey was a roller coaster ride which included many hurdles. From finding an appropriate place, to gaining the confidence of the parents, everything was a challenge. The meticulous team of the volunteers helped it establish its firm roots and stand its place.

The story of the Noida center was no less different. The first center was started at Botanical Garden with the aim to establish a stable center and reaching out to as many children as possible. After the survey was conducted by Tanay and Akanksha, the basis for the first center was laid in Noida. The classes were taken up at a construction site. However, due to the volatile nature of the work of their families, the students number started reducing. This posed a challenge to the team. Tanay along with the Chairman, UPAY, Varun Shrivastava and Deboshree identified a new location at sector 17, Noida. This marked the establishment of our present center in April 2018, which has the strength of 37 students who are regular to the class.

The zone was further expanded with the opening of the third center at Tilak Nagar. This center was opened after 6 months of intensive surveys and hard work. There were many challenges which had to be overcome before formally opening the center. It begin its operations in February 2019. The center seemed very challenging but since its operation, it has been doing well with a consistent strength of students and the dedication of the volunteers.

The three centers are very promising in nature and have been doing well in their initial phase itself


Office Address

Email: upaydelhi@gmail.com
Mobile: +91-8447284956/ +91-9811902494

Building No. 6703, Street Number 8, Block 9, Dev Nagar, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, 110005


Karol Bagh Center

Address: gaffar Market, Karol Bagh , New Delhi 

Total Number of children: 55

Contact No: 9015975279/8375074002

This is a Reach and Teach and first centre of UPAY Delhi Zone which was opened in September 2017. Ravi Vanshi Gupta is the Center Coordinator for the center along with Gauravjeet Singh serving as the Center Head.

Noida Sector 18 Center

Address: JJ Nagar Colony , DLF Mall India, Sector 18 Noida 

Total Number of children: 37

Contact no: 9650824559/8375074002

Another Reach & Teach center at the heart of market. It was opened in April 2018. Kajal Jha is the Center Coordinator with Rahul Jha being the Center Head.

Tilak Nagar Center

Address: Keshavpur Vegetable Market, Vishnu Garden, New Delhi 

Total Number of children: 30

Contact no: 8107450717/8375074002

This is a Reach and Teach center and third center of UPAY Delhi. It has started its operations in February 2019. Nisha Sharma is the Center Coordinator with Abhay Gupta working as the Center Head.


Delhi zone has 45 volunteers , most of our volunteers are aspirants of Civil Services