The Footpathshaala project is designed to cater primarily to street children who fail to receive a formal education. The vision is that if the children can not reach school, let the school reach them. The focus is primarily on creating awareness through an open and informal school approach that inculcates a sense of respect and aspiration for quality education. It is an integrated development model that considers health care, nutritional requirements, and personality grooming along with activity-based learning because every child deserves a happy childhood.

At present, we have Footpathshaala centers in Nagpur, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Gadarwara


  • More than 2,000 street children benefitted
  • 50% increase in school enrolment
  • 80% reduction in substance abuse in children
  • 13500 after-class meals provided every month

The students passing out from UPAY were not taking up higher studies due to a lack of resources. The prime reason cited by many was the unavailability of a learning space and electricity. With the thought of encouraging the youth in under-resourced localities to pursue higher education, community learning spaces were established in 2018. 

UPAY has specially developed in villages and slums to provide a structured infrastructure to students as well as volunteers. We have 3 community libraries where more than 500 young learners are pursuing higher education and are preparing for competitive exams. We also arrange guest lectures and career counseling by industry leaders.

  • Equipped spaces in under-resourced localities

  • State of art infrastructure in slums and villages

  • Access to thousands of books and multimedia


UPAY was established to provide a SOLUTION to the everlasting problem of rural education. It is working on developing a sustainable process of imparting knowledge to these underprivileged children. We teach as well as imbibe our children with the spirit of UPAY. These children are further carrying this responsibility of upliftment of society.So these children are not just the students of UPAY but they are also the harbingers and volunteers of UPAY who are spreading its cause across the country. UPAY is a continuous revolution that believes in the overall empowerment of underprivileged areas.

So even in the absence of its founders, these volunteers will always keep this chain of development running and hold the flag of UPAY high.

  • Aiding RTE Act 2005 Delivering Quality education
  • Strengthening of traditional educational systems (STEM)
  • Self-sustainable systems


Samarth is a skill development initiative for women, especially mothers of our students and young women, with a motive to empower them through skill-based employability opportunities.

The initiative was launched in the year 2016 to free families to break the shackles of poverty and provide dignity of labour. A six-month training course makes the beneficiaries industry-ready followed by order-based work allocation.

The Samarth centres are currently running in Nagpur, Delhi-NCR, Gadarwara and Bengaluru.

  • Awakening the social instincts of the general public

  • Active volunteering and Leadership development program 

  • Inclusive and sustainable development of the society



children enrolled and mentored


students turned into mentors


rise in academic performance


students already graduated


rise in girl child enrollment