Fellowship Structure

The UPAY fellowship will allow the youth to learn from the best academic institutions and business schools in India through virtual and on-campus classroom programs. It will make the youth aware of the practical experiences of deprived communities and further cultivate the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to secure leadership positions in similar projects across the Globe. 

The fellowship will be for 12 months. Out of these, 3 months will be classroom training and the remaining months will be practical training through community immersion.

Classroom Training

The fellows will undergo extensive pre-deployment training focused on community and leadership development. The classroom training will be staggered throughout the year-long association. 

Impact Project

The fellows shall be deployed for Impact Project in various places of India for a period of 9 months. This grassroot knowledge and experience shall provide deeper understanding of projects in said thematic areas.

Outbond activities & workshops

Fellows will be engaged in outbound activities for team building. They will be given exposure to various personality development and communication improvement workshops at various places.

 S.No Program/Module Location From To

Induction Ceremony & UPAY Foundation Day

(Reporting at Delhi on 07th May 2023)

NSB Noida 14-May-2023 14-May-2023
2 Orientation, Operational Training, Leadership and Management Module, Drama workshop and Outbound training NSB Noida 16-May-2023 05-June-2023
3 Social Entrepreneurship Module NSB Noida 06-Jun-2023 11-Jun-2023
4 Impact Project (Field work) Respective Field Location 14-Jun-2023 14-Sep-2023
5 UPAY Annual Day
Mouda/Nagpur 16-Sep-2023 17-Sep-2023
6 Half-yearly assessment
Mouda/Nagpur 19-Sep-2023 20-Sep-2023
7 Advance Operational Training & Visit to Vidarbha Centres, 
Nagpur 21-Sep-2023 27-Sep-2023
8 Skill Development training and mass communication training 

barefoot College ,Jaipur

9 Gandhi Philosophy  Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad 09-Oct-2023 15-Oct-2023
10 Impact Project (Field work) Respective Field Location 17-Oct-2023 30-Mar-2024
11 Planning and onboarding of new cohort Respective Field Location 1-Apr-2024 30-Apr-2024
12 Final Assessment & Alumni Connect Delhi 03-May-2024 10-May-2024
13 Valedictory Function  Delhi 12-May-2024  

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