UPAY Gadarwara

About UPAY Gadarwara

The newest branch of UPAY NGO was recently established in rural parts of Gadarwara in Madhya Pradesh to provide quality education and learning resources to the children in rural setup.  

Led by our founder Mr Varun Shrivastava, UPAY Gadarwara was founded on the 7th of June in the year 2020, just when the Pandemic peak was subsiding. 

UPAY’s mission to change the reality of inequality in education and the altruistic nature of its cause and actions piqued the interest of the volunteers. Despite the pandemic, the team has been able to set up and efficiently carry out all the activities. In fact, the very first class they conducted was held on an online platform itself. 

Currently, UPAY Gadarwara has 3 learning centres. Additionally, it has also established a library-cum-computer centre in Raipur village, giving a pathway to the youth to avail state of art facility in close vicinity.

Centers in GADARWARA

Chorbaretha Centre

Students enrolled
UPAY Chorbaretha centre, near NTPC Gadarwara

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Chandankheda Centre

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UPAY Chandankheda center

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Footpathshaala center

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UPAY Footpathshaala center, Labour colony near NTPC Gadarwara

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Activities at UPAY Gadarwara

UPAY Gadarwara