UPAY – The Solution

UPAY strives to make education for all increasingly accessible with its two major prongs – Footpathshaala and Reach and Teach. Children are taught through open classroom programs using various recreational and skill developmental activities with the vision of a world where education is no longer a distant dream for every child.

UPAY is the product of a passionate young IIT Kharagpur graduate wishing to change the life of every Indian child through the most powerful tool – education. Intending to replace begging bowls with books, Varun Shrivastava, along with three equally driven young Engineers laid the foundation for UPAY on 20th May 2010. Since its inception 12 years ago, UPAY has achieved various milestones with its multi-dimensional and personally-catered approach. With the motto that, if the children can’t reach school, let the school reach them, UPAY envisions removing the disparities in the field of education.

Our Initiatives



SHEKHAR (Nagpur Footpathshala)

TANYA GUPTA (Wadoda Village)