Reach & Teach (Reach to Each one , Teach to Each One)

UPAY was established to provide a SOLUTION to the everlasting problem of rural education. It is working on developing a sustainable process of imparting knowledge to these underprivileged children. We teach as well as imbibe our children with the spirit of UPAY. These children are further carrying this responsibility of upliftment of society. So these children are not just the students of UPAY but they are also the harbingers and volunteers of UPAY who are spreading it’s cause across the country.  UPAY is a continuous revolution which believes in overall empowerment of the underprivileged areas. So even in the absence of its founders, these volunteers will always keep this chain of development running and hold the flag of UPAY high. 



        ( Providing online market to poor artisans) is an initiative by UPAY NGO(उपाय) for providing the online market to the poor artisans and footpath hawkers. Through apnasaaman women from slums and villages are getting trained and getting online market for their products. 

UPAY has started skill development centres for enhancing the skills of the poor womenfolks. AT present UPAY is  giving  sewing training to the poor women and also engaged unemployed youth into skill development.


Footpathshala : (Turning Footpaths into School)

  If street  children can’t go to school , then School must reach to street. UPAY has       started its FOOTPATH-SHALA initiative for the street children of Nagpur, who were   usually involved in begging at the Traffic signals. Every day UPAY volunteers go and   teach these children at footpath only. At present we have Footpathshaala centres in Nagpur, Pune, Delhi and Gurgaon and 150 children are been benefitted.  These children are mainly involved in begging at traffic signals or are street vendors who never went to school. UPAY is teaching them basic manners, moral education as well as teaching them reading and writing. Footpathshaala is converting the streets into schools and replacing the begging bowls with books!


Granth on Rath( Library to Poor)

 UPAY has established libraries at . the remotest villages . In remote villages     students don’t get access to quality teacher as well as good books. UPAY  is       providing mobile library to these villages. There is a nodal library in nearby town   through that many remote villages are covered through mobile library.

 At present UPAY has established 3 library in Mouda, Nagpur and Delhi. UPAY   also  organises competitive exams  preparation sessions Library is equipped with   costly books and also CCTV camera.