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The Lokmat, Mouda 18th March 2019 : UPAY organised a rally to celebrate international women day

The Danik Bhaskar, gurugram, 20 February 2018: UPAY NCR kids display extraordinary talent on ananual day

The Times of India, 03rd January 2019 : Striving to make things better for poor children 

The Times of India, Nagpur 20 December 2018 :Nagpur Heroes Award – nominees find inspiration

The Lokamat Times ,Nagpur , 14th November 2018: torch bearer of future

The Hitvad ,Nagpur ,23rd September 2018 : UPAY work for result oriented measure

The Lokamat Times ,Nagpur , 05th September 2018: classroom on street shedding bad habits

IIT Kharagpur Newsletter ,Kharagpur , 20th April 2018 : IIT KGP Alumni finds the UPAY for the Education of street children.

The Dainik Bhaskar, Gurugram ,14th March 2018: IIT ke Yuva bachho me jaga rahe hai siksha ki alakh

The Lokmat Samachar, Gurgaon , 10th February 2018: UPAY Delhi NCR celebrate aannual sports day

The Hitvada, Nagpur City lines ,24th January 2018: Footpathshala a school with difference

The Hindustan, Gurgaon, 24th December 2017 : Footpathshsla ke bachcho ne dikhai pratibha

The Lokmat Samachar, 14th November 2017 : bachho ko shiksha se jod rahi hai footpathshala

The Times of India, 14th November 2017: no kids living on street

The Grahshobha, 13th November 2017 :bhedbhav rahit shiksha ho isliye UPAY

The Hitvada, Nagpur City lines ,04th November 2017: Footpathshla vows to Educate every child

Lokmat Times ,15th September 2017: Engineers contributing socially too

Dainik Bhaskar, 09th September 2017: Shiksha ko Mila UPAY

Dainik Bhaskar, 30th January 2017 : 200-professionals-starts-foothpath-classes-for-street-children

Times of India 1st June 2016 : UPAY-aiming-to-replace-begging-bowls-with-books-through-footpath-shala

Motivate me 27th Jan 2016: varun shrivastava an iitian is teaching slum kids

Freshtale  13th jan 2016 : Story of varun shrivastava from iit to teaching slum children

Logical Indian 13th jan 2016 : Story of varun shrivastava from iit to teaching slum children

Post Jagaran , 7th Dec 2015 : Meet IITian  varun shrivastava who teaches slum children

Lokmat Samachar , 29 Dec 2015 : footpathshala se badalne lagi jindagi

Social Story 28th Nov 2015 : From IIT to teaching slum children- Story of Varun Shrivastava UPAY

 Nagpur Today 14th Oct’15 : Success story of upay-educare of under privileged


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