Tanya Gupta
(Wadoda Village)

Taniya Gupta is the daughter of Mr Sandip Gupta who runs a kirana shop earning barely Rs 8000/month.

Tanya is studying at UPAY Wadoda center since class 7th.This year when the SSC Maharashtra results were declared, Taniya Gupta passed with flying colours securing 94.6%. At present with the help of UPAY she is preparing for IIT-JEE examination.She is very hard working and would like to get admission in IITs. Lets support her dream

Success Story Of Tanya Gupta


Karishma is a very passionate girl from Rahadi Village .she is associated with UPAY since class 6th. She was the bright student . Unfortunately she is suffering from night-blindness. she could not able to continue her study because of that.

She is having very beautiful voice and she would like to become a singer . lets support her dream.At present she is pursuing graduation from Nagpur and living in a hostel. He father is a farmer .

(Nagpur Footpathshala)

Shekar , fondly know as little michale jackson was born at the footpath behind Nagpur Railway station. He didn’t even had a name. UPAY gave him name, Adhar and enrolled him in a school.

He is the most regular student of our Santra Market Footpathshala . Shekar is a child prodigy . He would like to become a dancer like michale jackson. His moves can stun you. He is waiting for helping hands of yours.

He needs training to participate in the reality TV shows .

Success Story Of Shekhar