Sheetal’s liberation through education

Shabby little attire and barefoot She was wandering across the streets, her eyes laid on alms. Selling balloons on the city streets and persuading every passerby with open arms. She was the fourth sibling and only daughter of the family. Born and brought up on the pavements of a bustling city, This is Sheetal Chakar from Nagpur.

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(Nagpur Footpathshala)

Shekar , fondly know as little michale jackson was born at the footpath behind Nagpur Railway station. He didn’t even had a name. UPAY gave him name, Adhar and enrolled him in a school.

He is the most regular student of our Santra Market Footpathshala . Shekar is a child prodigy . He would like to become a dancer like michale jackson. His moves can stun you. He is waiting for helping hands of yours.

He needs training to participate in the reality TV shows .

Success Story Of Shekhar
Success Story Of Tanya Gupta

Taniya’s dream to fly!

Taniya Gupta is the daughter of Mr Sandip Gupta who runs a kirana shop earning barely Rs 8000/month.

Tanya is studying at UPAY Wadoda center since class 7th.This year when the SSC Maharashtra results were declared, Taniya Gupta passed with flying colours securing 94.6%. At present with the help of UPAY she is preparing for IIT-JEE examination.She is very hard working and would like to get admission in IITs. Lets support her dream

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Recreating Lives by Empowering Women

Happy to share that the first batch of skill development center of Bangalore zone has successfully completed its certification course in stitching. Out of 12 ladies, 10 have been certified by UPAY for pursuing the course in professional space as well.

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Success Stories of Women

Ending Rani’s period poverty

When Rani got her first period, she had nobody to talk about it, not even her mother. As if her struggle to find basic clothes to cover her body was not enough, that this humiliation came over, she thought. With no access to sanitary products, she resorted to praying to God to stop her periods forever until UPAY’s Project Shakti happened.

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A new way of life for Rakesh

Most students give up on education and their dreams, or take up some odd jobs to help the family meet daily needs. But, this 18-year old guy has set an example with his persistent diligence to realize the dreams and fought hard against destitution his family faced.

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